Peace Studies in Israel & Palestine

2-11 November 2016
$2,765 From New York

3 Day Elective
The Tent of Nations Volunteer Experience
Returning 14 November 2016

Sponsored by
The Society For Biblical Studies

This program will help participants gain understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, its impact on neighboring countries, and possibilities for resolution. This program will also help participants learn through conversation and dialogue with Israelis and Palestinians and to explore the dynamics of conflict and examine the fundamentals of conflict resolution. We will also explore the religious dimensions of conflict and examine models of effective advocacy.

Please see the attached syllabus for more details.

Registration Form
A Peace Studies Program in Israel and Palestine
(Just click the link to open this pdf registration form, print a copy,
fill it out, sign it and mail it to S.B.S.)

Daily Itinerary
(tentative and subject to local circumstances):
individual preferences will be accomodated when possible

Day -1 Domestic travel to NYC/JFK.

Day 1 Depart USA, arrive Tel Aviv, transfer to hotel, overnight in Bethlehem.

Day 2 Applied Research Institute of Jerusalem, Betselem (Israeli Human Rights NGO), Tent of Nations, Al Rowwad, Aida refugee camp, PM forum: Breaking the Silence, overnight in Bethlehem.

Day 3 International Christian Embassy, Efrat Settlement, Center for Jewish-Christian Dialogue, Qiryat Arba, PM forum: Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel, overnight in Bethlehem.

Day 4 Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, Sabeel, Kairos Palestine overnight in Bethlehem, overnight in Bethlehem.

Day 5 Hebron, Ibrahimi mosque, Hebron Rehabilitation Committee, Al Sira, meeting with Khalil Al Amour, glass factories, overnight in Bethlehem.

Day 6 Mishmar ha Emek/Givat Haviv, Lydia Aisenberg, Joint Distribution Committee, Nazareth Academic Institute, Zochrot-al Nakba awareness, overnight in Galilee.

Day 7 AM forum: Nation and Nationalism Field trip: Sepphoris, Biram, the Golan, overnight in Galilee.

Day 8 Taybeh Brewery, Miftha, Jean Zaru, Palestinian Medical Relief Society, overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 9 Old City, afternoon free, overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 10 Return to USA.

3 Day Elective: The Tent of Nations Volunteer Experience
Returning 14 November 2016

Day 10 Volunteer, overnight in Bethlehem.

Day 11 Volunteer, overnight in Bethlehem.

Day 12 Volunteer, overnight in Bethlehem.

Day 13 Return to USA.

*The itinerary is subject to change due to local circumstances,
scheduling and current events. All of the people, places and
NGOs listed have been included on past programs, but the
itinerary will not be "finalized" until about two weeks prior to
departure. Even after that time, the itinerary is alwasy subject to
change due to circumstances beyond our control.