Spirit and Truth Fellowship
Bible Survey in the Holy Lands

22 September to 5 October 2018
$3,760 From New York
(Other departure cities are available at slightly higher cost.
Please inquire by calling 781.641.4453)

14 Day Survey of the Bible

Sponsored by
Spirit and Truth Fellowship
The Rev. John Schoenheit

This is a 14 day pilgrimage to Israel with many points of emphasis. We have designed this trip to help you better understand the Bible; deepen your personal relationship with the Lord; introduce you to the culture and cuisine of Israel; and introduce you to new friends. We will be traveling to biblical sties all over Israel and studying what the Bible says about them. Scholars refer to the land of Israel as the "5th Gospel" because the Bible and the land are so integrally tied together. You will discover that studying the Bible "on location" allows you to understand it to wonderful new depths. There will be teachings on the Bible and the history and archaeology of Israel at every site. We will go to well-known sites as well as to some not-so-well-known ones and we will see some of the recent archaeological work that is being done to uncover the history and culture of the Bible. We also try to make sure that the tour gives people a real "hands on" experience of Israel. There will be opportunities to swim in the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee. We will have an opportunity to walk on the land through the Wadi Hammam which is the ancient foot path between Nazareth and Capernaum. More than "just a tour," we want this tripl to be a "pilgrimage," i.e., a time to go deep with the Lord and connect with him in the heart as well as the mind. Pilgrims do gain knowledge, but they also gain significant personal insights, acquire or clrify their vision and goals, make personal commitments, and get answers to prayer.

Please see the attached syllabus for more details.

Registration Form
A survey of the Bible in Israel and Palestine
(Just click the link to open this pdf registration form , print a copy,
fill it out, sign it and mail it to S.B.S.)

Daily Itinerary
(tentative and subject to local circumstances):
individual preferences will be accomodated when possible

Day 1. Saturday. September 22. 2018. Gather at JFK airport. Begin flight to Israel.

Day 2. Sunday. September 23. 2018. Arrive Tel aviv. Meet our guide. Old City of Joppa. Overnight in Tel Aviv.

Day 3. Monday. September 24. 2018. Caesarea Meritima. View the ancient aqueduct. Mt. Carmel (Muhraqa). Tel Megiddo. Jezreel. Nazareth. Overnight in Galilee.

Day 4. Tuesday. September 25. 2018. Hazor. Tel Dan. Nimrod’s Castle. Caesarea Philippi. Nokeib Overlook. Bethsaida. Susita (Hippos)-time permitting. Overnight in Galilee.

Day 5. Wednesday. September 26. 2018. Boat ride on the Sea of Galilee Sepphoris. Nof Ginnosar (the “Jesus boat”). Tabgha. Magdala. Wadi Hammam. Mount of Beatitudes. Capernaum. Chorazin. Overnight in Galilee.

Day 6. Thursday. September 27. 2018. Beth Shean (Scythopolis). Ein Herod (Gideon’s spring). Qasar al Yahud baptism site on the Jordan River. View of Wadi Kelt and St. George’s Monastery. Old Testament Jericho. Elisha’s Spring in Jericho. New Testament Jericho. Overnight in Jericho.

Day 7. Friday. September 28. 2018. Masada. En Gedi. Qumran. Swim in the Dead Sea. Camel rides. Judean Wilderness overview. Overnight in Bethlehem.

Day 8. Saturday. September 29. 2018. Gilgal. Shechem and Jacob’s well. Samaria (Sebastiyya). Taybeh (biblical Ephraim. “Biblical house.” Taybeh brewery. Overnight in Bethlehem.

Day 9. Sunday. September 30. 2018. Solomon’s Pools. Herodium. Threshing floors. Tekoa. Shepherd’s fields. Church of the Nativity. Overnight in Bethlehem.

Day 10. Monday. October 1. 2018. Mount of Olives overview. Palm Sunday walk to Garden of Gethsemane. Akeldama (hill of evil counsel). Hezekiah’s tunnel. Pool of Siloam. Temple Mount. Damascus Gate; the Garden Tomb. National Museum: “The Shrine of the Book” & model of Jerusalem. (Hotel in Bethlehem or Jerusalem).



Day 11. Tuesday. October 2. Beer-Sheba. Lachish. Valley of Elah. Khirbet Qeiyafa in Israel’s Elah Valley. Beth Shemesh. Hebron and Ibrahimi Mosque. Overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 12. Wednesday. October 3. Old City of Jerusalem walking tour. St. Stephen’s Gate. Church of St. Anne. Pool of Bethesda. Ecce Homo arch. Via Delarosa. Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Cardo and Hezekiah’s Broad Wall. Western Wall of Temple (and Western Wall Tunnels?). Hasmonean Palace. St. Sophia Church. Excavations south of the Temple Mount. Church of Saint Peter of Gallicantu .Overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 13. Thursday. October 4. Free day. Overnight in Jerusalem

Day 14. Friday. October 5. Return to USA.

* The daily itinerary is subject to local conditions, including but not restricted to opening and closing times and weather conditions. In the event a site is not accessible, an appropriate substitution will be made.
* A variety of factors, including but not restricted to airline schedules, opening and closing times and weather conditions may necessitate that the order of days in the itinerary be rearranged.
* Meetings with indigenous people are subject to change. Appropriate substitutions will be made in the event a speaker is unavailable.